Versatile and professional - The Krone Profi Liner City.

Narrow lanes, tight spaces, restricted parking possibilities: many drivers in inner cities face these problems every day. As a special solution, Krone offers semi-trailers in the compact “City Version” and presents the Profi Liner City -a single-axle trailer with a Tridec positive steering system.

The trailer is highly versatile and comes with numerous features to facilitate a wide range of loading variations. The vehicle body (loading length 11,025 mm, loading height 2,480 mm) equipped with side curtains, resembles the Profi Liner. For added security and protection against theft, the curtains are reinforced with wire mesh.

The laminated phenolic–coated floor is waterproof with a depth of 30 mm and is reinforced at the rear with a flush-fitted steel chequer plate tread section to provide added strength during loading. The floor has a load-bearing capacity of 5,460 kg, which is in accord-ance with DIN EN 283.

For fast and easy unloading in confined areas, the Profi Liner City comes with a tuck-away hydraulic tail lift. Also at the rear and to protect against impact damage during ramp operations, the trailer is fitted with delta-shaped steel frame supports and rubber buffer profiles, which transfer impact stress into the trailer chassis. Therefore, the superstructure, certified according to EN 12642 Code XL, is effectively protected against excessive impact during docking.

For secure and flexible loading, the Multi Lock outer side frames have strapping points every 100mm along the trailer length, which enables, roller cages and mixed loads to be secured at any position along the trailer bed.

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