The all-round Refrigerated Van Body

Krone with Cool Liner Multi Temp at the Solutrans fair

Krone is exhibiting a multi-temperature Cool Liner, proven for its flexible loading and numerous operational features: The Krone-designed, moveable insulated bulkhead can create two separate compartments anywhere along the trailer’s length and a rear evaporator ensures perfect airflow circulation.

Each compartment can be set to chilled or frozen depending on the type of load: From fresh flowers to pharmaceuticals and ice cream to standard frozen foods, the Cool Liner is equipped to transport virtually all perishable goods.

In addition to these key features, the Cool Liner, with end-to-end chassis, is built for strength and endurance: The front wall is protected on the interior by five robust aluminium spacer profiles, which combine to protect the evaporator and serve as an effective air duct. The steel panels are HACCP certified, easy to clean and repair, and the aluminium-surfaced floor is welded directly onto the continuous full-length sidewall kick strips to form a liquid-tight floor pan.

An additional, reinforced tread plate at the rear has a forklift loading capacity of 7,000kgs, as confirmed by tests in accordance with CSC/EN 283. For the purpose of flexible load securing the Cool Liner is furnished with two horizontal load-securing rails integrated into the side wall at a height of 800 and 1,600 mm above the floor. Furthermore, twelve sets of double-deck guide rails are integrated vertically into the side walls for loading on a second level; 22 loading bars (capacity per bar approx. 10 kN) are also included as standard. The useable inner length of the box is 13,310 mm with a width of 2,465 mm and an inner height of 2,650 mm.

The stainless steel rear frame is ideal for both docks and ramps. A spring-load mounted lower body protection as well as an additional continuous row of full rubber buffers below the rear doors, protect the trailer rear area when docking. Standard features on each door include three lightweight alloy hinges and external stainless steel door locks. The Kone Cool Liner is equipped with a door contact switch as standard; this means the inside of the vehicle is automatically lit by LEDs when the door is opened.

Additional features include the fully automatic lift axle control for the first axle, a closed pallet box to store 30 europallets, a tool box, rear area monitoring with automatic braking system and electronic pneumatic shock absorption to raise and lower the trailer at the loading ramp.

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