Krone Dry Liner - robust and for professional use

Krone presents an entirely redesigned Dry Liner at Solutrans that, apart from a wide range of practical features, is sure to impress with its convincing value for money.

In redesigning the trailer, Krone has focused in particular on the rear section, as this area is subjected to high stresses during ramp loading and docking. At the rear, the trailer chassis is fitted with heavy-duty rubber ram buffers and an extended steel ram profile on the bolted rear frame. Diagonally mounted frame reinforcements in the rear area ensure additional stability. This means that any impact during docking is absorbed into the longitudinal chassis beams, thereby protecting the superstructure.

At the Solutrans show, Krone is presenting the Dry Liner with GRP-coated plywood walls, which combine strength with a smooth exterior finish. The 30 mm thick phenolic ply floor is fully glued and waterproofed with all edges also sealed. The floor is reinforced in the rear area with a steel chequer plate section and is designed to withstand forklift axle loads up to 7,000 kg. The steel front wall, which is bolted to the raised front section of the chassis and reinforced on the interior with wire mesh-coated plywood, guarantees optimum stability, and additional damage protection.

The Dry Liner roof is made of profiled steel sheets thereby providing maximum security. High strength and security is also guaranteed with the container-type steel rear doors, which feature integrated door locks for additional security and a smooth exterior – ideal for livery application.

There are two rows of slotted strapping rails in the sidewalls to provide secure loading. These are recessed at 800 and 1600 mm above the floor. Meanwhile, the fully automatic electronic lift axle comes with auto reset. Interior lighting is provided by 6 flush-fit LED units, while the exterior lights include double LED side markers on rubber arms and rear lights supplied with Krone-branded lens covers. The Dry Liner is certified according to VDI 2700/EN and EN 12642 Code XL.

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