All from a single source

The complete all-round Krone trailer

With its Profi Liner, Krone is exhibiting a trailer at Hardenberg for the first time in which all the accessories – including the axle and the tyres – are Krone-branded. The "All from a single source concept" allows, for example, better control of costs during the life- cycle of a trailer. The organisation of the spare parts service is much easier as well, because customers can order all parts directly with a Krone spare parts number. Krone also offers special service agreements which enable transport companies to improve the planning and costs of their spare parts and service.

The trailer on show also stands out with its 40 mm-thick hardwood floor, which, with omega profiles, is rated for fork lift loading up to 7t.

Alongside the Multi Lock external frame, the best possible load security is ensured with numerous post sockets. In total the Profi Liner has over 20 post sockets in the external frame and 10 centrally arranged post sockets along the length of the trailer. There are also four additional post sockets at the trailer neck. 12 plug-in posts (1,950 mm long) complete the equipment, enabling the Profi Liner to be used as a genuine multi-functional transport solution. This can be seen from its load security certificates: EN 12642 Code XL and VDI 2700.



Robust and multi -functional – the Krone Box Liner

The container chassis made by Krone are particularly robust and specifically designed for the hard day-to-day work associated with high swap cycles. In Hardenberg, with its Box Liner eLTU5 Plus, Krone is exhibiting a multi-functional container chassis suited for any kind of container transport. You can transport 1 x 40 ft, 2 x 20 ft, 1 x 20 ft 1 x 20 ft loaded centrally (up to 30 t), 1 x 20 ft rear-flush, 1 x 30 ft rear flush as well as 45 ft goose-neck containers.

In addition to the simple and highly robust design, the new container chassis stands out in particular with its uncomplicated handling, alongside its many practical equipment features. These include the central rear extendible section, the height-adjustable locking gear, four wheel chocks provided as standard, as well as the oversize rubber bumpers. Another benefit: with two positions for the kingpins, the container chassis is suitable for all standard tractor units.

Vehicle monitoring is provided by Krone Telematics Dry 2; this feature includes location, error messages from the braking system, operating data retrieval and real-time coupling status.

An added bonus – QuickLock
Krone is exhibiting a Box Liner with the QuickLock system at Hardenberg. QuickLock locks are self-locking systems for the safe transportation of containers. They are mounted onto the chassis instead of the conventional container locks. The intelligent mechanical system is effective across the range: The QuickLock mechanism is automatically locked by the weight of the container, and secures the container perfectly to the chassis. As well as time saving, the QuickLock system impresses with its simple operation: the driver need only perform a visual check to ensure that the QuickLock locks are correctly fastened. Compared to the standard TwistLocks, users report time savings of up to an hour per day.


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