A total of 66 Krone chassis will be received by GDH Transport und Containerlogistik GmbH in Hamburg in the coming months. Krone Sales Manager Dr. Frank Albers (outside l.) and Regional Sales Manager Frank Kosse (outside r.) thanked Dirk Graszt (Managing Director, 2. from l.) and Dietmar Krusch (2. from r., GDH sales management).

66 Krone chassis for Hamburger GDH Transport und Containerlogistik GmbH

Werlte, July 2015 - Number 10 of a total of 66 Krone chassis for the Hamburg company, GDH Transport und Containerlogistik GmbH, has now been officially received by Dirk Graszt and Dietmar Krusch in Werlte, Germany. "We have the ambition to constantly evolve and always to be able to offer our customers reliable international transportation. For this reason, we put great emphasis on continuous process optimisation, comprehensive quality management, up-to-date IT connection, and modern transport equipment, as delivered by Krone", underlined Dirk Graszt.

Representing the Krone team, Frank Kosse and Dr. Frank Albers thanked them for the order, comprising more than a total of 66, 40ft chassis, which will be delivered in the coming months. "Sturdy and reliable trailers are required, particularly for tough ferry work with high turnover cycles. In this regard, we are glad that GDH is convinced regarding the proven quality of Krone”, commented Dr Albers.

About GDH Transport und Containerlogistik GmbH
The company was founded in 1981 and has its head office in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Germany. In 1982, GDH Transport und Containerlogistik GmbH was the first supplier of sidelifters in Hamburg. Over the decades, the fleet has continuously expanded; GDH currently operates over 100 towing units. GDH is known as a certified expert for container trucking, container side loading as well as for partial and complete loads.

For more information, also see: www.gdh-transport.de

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