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One for all and all for one: The Krone Drivers Club!
Lorry drivers move a lot of cargo every day. For doing this, they not only need a lot of horsepower, but also good nerves, first-class equipment, and the support of a good team. And it is exactly this support that we want to give them. A strong community, many club advantages, and reading fun on the road! Therefore, Krone founded the Drivers Club more than 10 years ago. Following the slogan “One for all and all for one” we form a strong community which gets involved with every driver! We are open for ideas arising from the drivers’ every day life, for further development and improvement of our products! For thus we facilitate your work and are able to adapt our products to the stresses of a driver’s life! Through the regular club activities we have the chance to get a thorough feedback from our members. Through their ideas, comments, and suggestions they enable us to constantly renew and improve the Krone Drivers Club. The opinion of our club members is very important for us! In addition, we – with the KRONE Drivers Club – also want to assist drivers who are in need of our solidarity and support. Therefore, all contributions to the Drivers Club are for the benefit of organisations that exclusively care for the drivers. We therefore support, among other things, the DocStop campaign, which offers medical aid for drivers in the vicinity of truck stops! As you see, we and our KRONE Drivers Club get the ball rolling.

Have fun and always a good trip!
Your KRONE Drivers Club.

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